Invited Lectures

  • Keynote Address at the online International Conference on “Mapping the Shifting Paradigms of Post-modern Society.” Organized by All India Forum for English Students, Scholars and Trainers (AIFEST). Topic: “Guesthood: Mapping Affective Postmodernities.” Link:
  • Invited Lecture at Online Lecture Series. Organized by Cotton University, Assam. Date: 29th October 2021. Topic: “‘Are Universities in India Racist?’ Systemic racism in the higher education systems in India.” Link:
  • Food Dialogues: Sayan Dey in conversation with Kashyapi Ghosh. Organized by Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Tirupati, India. Date: 25th October, 2021. Link:
  • Invited Panelist at the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development. Organized by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and Center for Regional Research and Sustainability Studies (CRRSS), India. Topic: “Moving Away from COVID-19: Transitional Recovery of the Informal Sector in India.” Date: 26th March, 2021. Link:
  • Invited Lecture in the Hauntology Webinar Series organized by Wits Centre for Diversity Studies, Iwalewahaus and Bayfink. Topic: “’Cemetery Narratives’: Unraveling the silenced voices of the Scottish Women from the Scottish Cemetery, Kolkata. Date: 3rd March, 2021. Link:
  • Invited Panel discussant in a Panel Discussion on “Gender and Displacement.” Organized by Center for Regional Research and Sustainability Studies, India. Topic: ‘Role of Women in Trafficking’. Date: 13Th December, 2020. Link:
  • Invited Lecture in an International Webinar on “Global English: A transformative tool in the age of crisis.” Organized by Languages and Literature Unit, Leyte Normal University, Philippines. Topic: ‘Pedagogy of Common Sense’. Date: 25th November, 2020. Link:
  • Invited Lecture in an International Webinar on “Mahatma Gandhi 150”. Organized by English and Foreign Language University, Shillong. Topic: ‘Revisiting Hind Swaraj: Towards a Decolonial Turn.’ Date: 26th September, 2020. Link:
  • Invited Lecture in an International Webinar Lecture Series. Organized by Web platform 4 dialogue. Topic: ‘Alu-Sheddho-Daal-Bhaat: A Collective Journey into Our Mnemonic Roots’. Date: 13th September, 2020.Link:
  • Invited Lecture in an International Webinar Lecture Series. Organized by All India Forum for English Students Scholars and Trainers (AIFEST). Topic: “Colonisation of Food Habits and Culinary Practices in Contemporary West Bengal. Date: 5th August 2020. Link:
  • Invited Panel Discussant at a Panel Series titled “Fanon at 95”. Organized by Caribbean Philosophical Association, Memphis. Topic: “Frantz Fanon and Border Intellectuality in Contemporary India”. Date: 8th July 2020. Link:
  • Invited Lecture in an International Webinar Lecture Series. Organized by the Department of English, Gobinda Prasad Mahavidayala, Bankura. Topic: “Armchair Narratives: Solidarity, Resilience and Resurrection in the time of Covid-19″. Date: 27th July 2020. Link:
  • Plenary Lecture in an International Webinar on “Teaching and Learning: Shifting Paradigms in Pedagogy Post Covid-19”. Organized by Arya Mahila PG College, Varanasi. Topic: “Green Pedagogy”. Date: 25th June 2020. Link:
  • Panel discussant in an online discussion session on “Reimagining Solidarity: Navigating Fissures in the Time of Crisis”. Organized by Convivial Thinking Collective, Germany. Date: 12th June 2020. Link:
  • Invited Lecture on ‘”Killing with Kindness”: Colonial Icons, Socio-cultural Victims: Visual Coloniality of the Siddis in India.’ Organized by Department of Research and Graduate Studies, College of Human Sciences, University of South Africa. Date: 20 January 2020. (
  • A talk on “In search of decolonial turn in Indian academia: Decolonizing the philosophies of knowledge production: A multiversal shift.” ALADAA Online Talk Series. Organized by Latin American Association of Asian and African Studies (ALADAA), Argentina. Date: 30th March, 2019. (
  • A talk on “Zone of Every being: Transcontinental decolonization and Border thinking.” A workshop entitled: “Academic and non-academic networks in South-South Cooperation” with University of Palermo, Argentina Main Event: “Second United Nations High Level Conference on South-South Cooperation (BAPA +5).” Date: 18th March, 2019. (
  • A talk on “Colonial Detoxification and Celebrating ‘In-betweenness’: The Anglo-Indians of Bow Barracks, Calcutta.” A Webinar Series on Post- and Decolonial Perspectives on Development. Organized by Convivial Thinking, European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), Bonn, Germany. 14th September, 2018. (

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