Research Papers/Interviews

  • Bill Ashcroft: In Conversation with Sayan Dey in Muse India (Volume: 70, ISSN: 0975-1815) Guest Edited by Cielo G. Festino, Professor of English, Universidade Paulisa, Sao Paolo, Brazil and Paul Melo e Castro, Lecturer in Portuguese, University of Leeds, Editorial by Dr. Charanjeet Kaur, Chief Editor of Muse India.
  • “Translating Contexts, Transforming Cultures: Bengali Adapation of Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Wada Chirebandi” by Dr. Arti Nirmal and Sayan Dey. Edited by Mathew Pritchard, University of Leeds and Carola Lorea, University of Heidelberg. Published inTranslation Impossible: The Ethics, Politics and Pragmatics of Radical Literary Translation in South Asia, a Special Issue of Sanglap: Journal of Literary and Cultural Inquiry(September 2018, Volume 5, No.1 ISSN: 2349-8064). Link:
  • “De-indoctrination and Pluralization of Research Methodologies: A Case Study on the contextual-experiential approach in Cultural Studies”. Legal Research and Methodology: Perspectives, Process and Practice. Edited by Dr. B.C. Nirmal, Dr. Arti Nirmal and Dr. Rajnish Kumar Singh. Published by Satyam Law International, New Delhi. 2019
  • Their Stories, Their Voices: The Orphans of the British Raj in Journal of International Women’s Studies. Bridgewater State University Press, Massachusetts, (ISSN: 1539-8706 Vol: 20, Issue: 2. Link:
  • De-linking Existence: From ‘Dasein’ to ‘Damne’ in Marginalized Voices in Post-colonial Literature with Dr. Arti Nirmal, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (edited by Dr. Varun Gulati from Delhi University and Dr. Garima Dalal from Jawaharlal Nehru University), Lexington Press, USA (ISBN: 978-1-49854-744-4), 2017.
  • De-linking Epistemology: Unlearning to Re-learn in Research in Social Change Journal published by School of Advanced Social Studies and Vega Press LTD., Slovenia (ISSN: 1855-4202, Volume 9, Issue 3 September 2017).
  • Le théâtre marathi post-colonial – Contribution de Mahesh Elkunchwar à son évolutionTranslated into French by Martin Chemana from the English original “Contribution of Mahesh Elkunchwar in the evolution of Post-colonial Marathi Theatre: Tracing the Theatrical History in Theatre/Public: Arts of the Contemporary Scene in India (Volume 219, Jan-Mar 2016), France (ISBN: 978-2-84260-708-1).
  • ‘BastuharaNari’ or Feminine Homelessness: Women of the Streets in Knowledge Cultures: An International peer reviewed academic journal.Published by Addleton Academic Publishers, New York. (March 2018, Volume 6, Issue 1, ISSN-2375-6527).
  • Reviving Indigenous Spaces: Echoes of a Native Spirit – An Interview with Leanne Betasamosake Simpson. Interview conducted withJonnelle Walker. Writers in Conversation (Volume: 5, Issue: 1, Feb. 2018, ISSN: 2203-4293). Published by Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities, Flinders University, Australia.
  • “Voices of the Dead: A Documentary on the Scottish Women of Calcutta”. Published in Journal of International Women’s Studies, Bridgewater State University, US. (ISSN: 1539-8706 Volume: 21, Issue: 6. Link:
  • “In Medias Res: Decolonial Interventions: Editorial Introduction” (Co-authored with Su-Ming Khoo and Anique Vered). Published in Journal of International Women’s Studies, Bridgewater State University, US (ISSN: 1539-8706 Volume: 21, Issue: 7, Link:
  • “’Covid Batch’: A case study on unethical assessment practices in selected higher educational institutions in Assam and West Bengal, India.” Published by Journal of Applied Learning and Teaching, Kaplan Singapore (ISSN: 2591-801X, Voume 4, Issue: 2, Link:

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